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Cure your erectile dysfunction and lack of libido with these herbs and ingredients proven scientifically (found in your daily diet).

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Written by: Anaruz Tanwurdi

Erectile dysfunction and lack of libido is nowadays emerging as a common issue in people of all age groups. In such regard people tend to find an appropriate solution to address their concerns. To get rid of all erection related issues and get better performance in bed with improved confidence, We gather some ingredients and herbs that can help with your sexual impotence and lack of libido. Such ingredients are known for improvement in sexual health and performance. Find below:
daminana Turnera diffusa

daminana ( Turnera diffusa)

Being an aphrodisiac, Daminana has gained a lot of recognition and has scientifically been endorsed. With the study conducted at Estrada at al, and published by National Center of Biotechnology information, aims at proving whether male sexually exhausted rats when treatment through Turnera diffuse (80mg/kg) are able to recover from their typical sexual behaviors or not The outcomes that rats when treated from Turnera diffuse or Yohimbine (2mg/kg) indicated that all tested rats had an ejaculation and later on resumed one another. Also the post ejaculation interval also got reduced. Moreover, with the study the ideal Turnera diffuse use is confirmed as an aphrodisiac and this can also suggest various possible therapeutic Turnera diffuse properties on sexual dysfunction and impotence. While being in the current active extract, the analysis can be found for Caffeine, flavonoids and Arbutine. This latter would participate in prosexual effect of active Turnera diffuse extract.

The herb can also be listed among the different scientifically proven aphrodisiacs in this article through the same mentioned source.

Epimedium Leaf Extract

Epimedium Leaf Extract

Popularly known as "Horny Goat Weed", the plant is being used since many years in conventional medicine for curing erectile dysfunction. The published A Study appeared in the Asian Journal of Andrology, aimed at establishing testosterone mimicking properties by Icariin, the Epimedium active moiety, which uncovered various outcomes including: The testosterone circulation levels that showed reproductive organ improvements and significant increase in testosterone. Icarrin suppresses apoptosis (cell death) of your cavernosal muscle. Icariin has similar testosterone properties and is usable to manage hypoandrogenism (diminishment in hormone production) because of the therapeutic benefits and prospects).

Asian Red Ginseng

Asian Red Ginseng

The medicine has been in use since 2000 years as Traditional Chinese herb. Asian Ginseng has been helpful in impotency and is famous for bringing improving and maintaining erection with libido. The Michigan University referenced Two double-blind studies where 2 daily 900mg doses of concentrated Asian Ginseng extract (for a month) and 3 900mg doses (for 8 weeks) were provided daily to subjects. ED patients showed improvements in their overall libido and erections as well Also 4 grams Asian Ginseng, showed improvement in men fertility, with improved mobility and sperm count.

Muira Pauma Bark Extract

Muira Pauma Bark Extract

The uses of this potent wood are prominent in Amazonian and Asian traditional medicine. The herb mainly increases penile hardness and libido. With a study conducted on 262 patients (read more on the link and study),s held at the sexology institute, Paris, France for establishment of effectiveness and safety for Muira Pauma Extract, within the supervision of Dr. Jacques Waynberg, showed that within 2 weeks, with a little dosage of around 1 tot5 gram each day, 62% of total patients with sexual desire lack and low libido affirmed that treatment led to dynamic effects. Meanwhile 52% ED patients, claimed to extract benefits. With the same study you can easily compare Yohimbine in erectile dysfunction treatment, indicated that extract from Pauma Bark had different benefits with zero side effects compared to yohimbine outcomes.

Such beneficial Muira Pauma effects are because of rich extract in sterols that increase libido and enhance overall performance after activating body's sex hormone receptors.

Hawthorn Berry

Hawthorn Berry

Greek pharmacologist, physician, botanist and author, Pedanius Dioscorides, used herb during 1st century Such flavonoids found in flower and leaf extracts are simply strong antioxidants with good effects for vessel damage protection that improves heart contraction strength with better blood flow. Such blood flow resistance also gets reduced, resulting in better flow of blood to your penis. According to the findings of different reports by clinical traits that are referenced by Michigan University Health.

Catuaba Bark Extract

Catuaba Bark Extract

The herb Catuaba (Erythroxylum Catuba) is mainly used in Brazil for stimulating central nervous system just like coffee, but this is without side effects from Caffeine, and in Asia for combating lowered libido with sexual weakness. It has also been used by European herbalists because of its positive aphrodisiac effects. The statements are reported by United States National Center for Biotechnology Information-NCBI (link to the article).

Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto (Serenoa repens)

A Trail appeared in the Urologia Internationalis, achieved on 120 patients affected with mild or moderate LUTS (Low Urinary Tract Symptoms) induced by BPH(Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, AKA Prostatic enlargement), has showed the efficacy of long-term treatement with Saw Palmetto (Serenoa repens) extract for 24 month where a daily dose of 320mg of Ethanolic extract of Saw Palmetto. Along with its good effects on LUTS, Other factors have been improved, including: improved overall quality of life, increase in sexual and erectile functions, demonstrated by the significant increase in the IIEF(International Index Of Erectile Function).

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba

Gingkgo Biloba facilitates better blood flow, relaxes smooth muscles while effecting Nitric Oxide-systems leading to enlarged vessels with better penis blood flow. According to Study appeared in NCBI, leaf extract from Gingko Biloba provides enhanced cerebral effects with around 81% efficient in treatment of anti-depressant sexual dysfunction. At the time of such study, they also observed positive plant effects on different 4 sexual response phases: excitement, Desire, afterglow, orgasm. The herbal also brings improvement to the memory on geriatric patient, showed erectile dysfunction treatment. Lastly, women got more and better response to sexual Gingko enhancing effects Biloba compared to men: 91% of relative success compared to the rest 76% for men.



Amongst the widely used other spices, we discovered the famous the black pepper (Nigrum piper). The spice gets valued for the biting and pungent compound, namely Piperine enhancing bioavailability (nutrient absorption) as an outcome on intestinal ultrastructure brush border. Bioperine, its cousin also has effects quite alike and also plays key role in different organism reacting to the nutrients and minerals, and lets them get absorbed effectively while being processed up by 40% more.

You can find these herbs in one pill from VigRX Plus® Backed with triple blind clinical study. Click to read.

L-arginine HCL 600 mg


Relaxation of smooth muscles requires Nitric Oxide production. The substance gets synthesized from 1-arginine. Various studies provided interesting clinical outcomes examining the efficiency of the oral medication for L-arginine in sexual impotence treatment. Men affected by low urinary NO (Nitric Oxide) depletion for 6 weeks provided significant outcomes after consuming 1-arginine in higher-doses (5g/day), that around 9 of the 29 men got their amount of NO doubled with improved sexual function (link to Study).

Our body synthesis its needs of L-Arginine, however in case of depletion, we have important sources of it in our daily diet: brown rice, chicken, red meat, fich...

Pomegranate Ellagic Acid 40% 500mg

Pomegranate Ellagic

Consuming pomegranate juice on a daily for 3 months improved 17% of myocardial perfusion (heart muscle blood flow) in 45 patients according to the Study. In a different Study men with mild and moderate erectile dysfunction get demonstrated improvement in erections post eight weeks of pomegranate juice consumption. Also, pomegranate extract remains ergogenic (physical performance enhancement) and delays fatigue, according to this Study findings. Furthermore, Pomegranate juice also showed protected NO (Nitric acid) against destruction caused through oxidative agents. The herb also enhances biological actions. For more refer to the Study.

L-arginine HCL 600 mg

Methyl Sulfonyl Methane-MSM

A rich stable and natural organic Sulphur source is MSM. The compound is present in all cells and is vital for regeneration of penile tissues. Male ExtraTM has MSM for supporting growth of flexible healthy cells of penis holding blood for firm and large erections.

Foods MSM-rich: Coffee, tea, bear, leafy vegetables (green), whole grains, tomatoes, raspberries, apples, milk(raw)...

l-methionine.png 100mg


Premature ejaculation is among the common causes for poor sexual intercourse which turns out to be embarrassing and frustrating. Higher histamine blood levels are main causes of quick ejaculation. Male ExtraTM, for prevention of histidine conversion into histamine, thus lowering amount of such latter in blood, this also helps in sustaining your erection for some time in sexual acts and also delays in ejaculation.

Foods L-methionine-rich: Cooked chicken and tureky, fish and shellfish, soybeans white beans, boiled hard eggs, pork, parmesan cheese....

Zin as citrate 14mg

zinc citrate

Hypogonadism (deficit of testicle function) in men is mainly related to deficiency of zinc prevailing including U.S. A Wayne State University Study showed that with decreased zinc intake for 20 weeks your testosterone serum reduces by 74% with increase of zinc supplementation dosage in different men group leading to 50% increase in testosterone serum. Your erections and sex drive declines with low testosterone levels.

cordyceps 25mg


The centuries old Cordyceos is renowned fungus as herbal Chinese traditional medicine option for its pleasant health effects. The herb is ideal for treating people with impotence and different sexual dysfunction. The Study appears in journal of complementary and alternative medicine, shows efficacy Cordyceps rate treatment is 82.9% comparing with 40.2% meant for placebo control group. Same study gets demonstrated that life quality gets improved after cordyceps treatment including, normal physical conditions, mental health, increase in libido and sex drive with other sexual related symptoms. Energy levels increase also gets observed because of better utilization of oxygen levels leading to alleviation in fatigue.

The fungus can also be used for reaping cellular and tissue oxidative damage which is related to aging, senscene, and diseases due to antisenscence effects activating enzyme known as SuperOxide Dismutase-SOD which scavenges oxygen free radicals with the same study.

Find the above ingredients with just needed amount, made with love from Male Extra™: ME_EN_BANNER_369 × 244


All of such ingredients work fine in a perfect manner, but while combining together in two products, this work well in a much better manner and create immense benefits for your sex life. The products make a safe, efficient and natural formula with the combination of natural aphrodisiacs and the product is exactly the result of all these. The Male Extra™ and VigRX Plus® formulas work by maximizing blood flow and increasing sexual hormones providing you with rock hard quality erections for an amazing sex life.

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