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Testogen review - Does testogen really work?

How to grow muscles for male bodybuilding? how to get rid of man boobs fast?...

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Some facts...about bulking lean
  • After the age of 30, the hormones in male's body start to deplete.
  • Free testosterone in male's body is about 2%, remaining 98% is useless. The free amount is decreasing year after year when we reach the age of 30.
  • Bulking lean, losing fat and gaining muscle, need more tostosterone...
  • Available prescription medication on the market to increase testosterone has side effects and can be a habit-forming.
  • Luckily, there are all-natural supplements on the market without the annoying adverse effects.
  • with more testosterone, you hit gym with more strength and ferocity for muscle growth.
  • Your will Get more strength and endurance, and and reduce recovery time in between workouts.
  • Sharpen your focus at work and play.
  • Perform well in bedroom with naturally increased libido.
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What's testogen?

Testogen is a safe supplement for Bulking lean, losing fat and gaining muscle. These testerone pills contain natural ingredients. That blend of natural ingredients work in synergy to increase free testosterone in your blood. In this testogen review we will figure out what science says about its ingredients. So you may ask these:

what do testerone pills do?

do testosterone supplements really work?

Does Testogen really Work?

how to grow muscles?

Among other questions...

Testosterone is what makes you a Male and what makes feel younger with stamina, endurance, strength, lost fat, sharpened body and mind that will push you to take on the competition and win! Very low levels will leave with a feeling that you're old before your time.

Eleven natural ingredients, backed by science, contained in testogen will increase your testosterone levels safely without any adverse effects.

With 4 (four) pills a day, you have anything to change to daily routines as it fits effortlessly in your exercising and feeding diet.

60 days guarantee and full moneyback, so you have nothing to lose.

You have more questions, keep reading...

Testogen ingredients: what Science says?

Before we dive deep into testogen natural ingredients

Testosterone is a steroid hormone and it's what makes you a man. Testosterone starts before birth, arrives at its peak during puberty, to start declining as you age.

testosterone evolution graph

But with Natural ingredients and safe ingredients from testogen you will:

  • Shred body fat and increase your muscle mass.
  • Sharpen your body and mind with increased focus in sports and at work.
  • Increase your stamina, endurance and strength to hit gym with ferocity and enthusiasm. train harder, longer and more often.
  • Live a full sexual life with increased libido. It will make your bedroom one of your favourite places where you want to be often.
Eleven Naturel ingredients:


Only 35% (33% bound to albumin plus 2% free testosterone) of your testosterone is what determining the androgen state of a male (sex drive, hair, muscle mass...). The remaining 65% is bound to Sex Hormone Binding Globulin-SHBG which disabling that percent. From the age of 35, the amount of Bio-Testosterone (active) decreases by 1% a year. According to this Study

With high magnesium concentration, the bio-testosterone availability is increased as the magnesium leads to a change in Testosterone-SHBG affinity. More in this Study

vitamin d

vitamin D

High amounts of Vitamin D may reduce estradiol and progesterone.The estradiol hormone is responsible for Female secondary sex characteristics including: development of breast and increase in body fat. This Study on 18-22 years old volunteer women, showed that some small increase of Vitamin D decreased progesterone by 10% and estradiol by 3%.

This Study on chinese men known with vitamin D deficiency to be pandemic, where 2,854 men enrolled in the study from the East of china. Higher prevalence of hypogonadism -diminishment in functional activity of the gonads (the testes)- is associated wih deficiency in D vitamin.



Found in certain vegetables and fruits, and earth's soil, boron is a trace mineral that has a good impact on testosterone levels and regulation of sex hormones on both men and women. Consequently, After 11.6 mg boron supplementation resulted in a significant increase in plasma boron concentration (study). This article which builds on the results of the previous study, showed an increase of 167% of testosterone (from 0.31 ng/mL to 0.83 ng/mL).

nettle leaf extract

nettle leaf extract

The extract of this plant has similar effects like Magnesium in preventing SHBG-Testosterone binding. Thus, leaving more testosterone circulating in the bloodstream to benefit muscles and libido.

Moreover, according to this study on rats, revealed the nettle root extract effects in increasing testosterone levels. The plant blocked an enzyme called 5α–reductase, inhibiting that way the conversion of testosterone to dihydro-testosterone (DHT), Therefore, the testosterone levels were increased.

vitamin k1

Vitamin k1

Being beneficial for bones and heart health, vitamin K1 can maintain steady levels of testosterone in bloodstream according to this Study on rats .

Vitamin K1 is added in testogen formula to enhance vitamin D absorption more efficiently, to increase vitamin D testosterone-boosting.

d-aspartic acid

d-aspartic acid

In a Study 23 men were given D-Aspartic Acid for 12 consective days, while 20 others were given a placebo for 12 consective days too. 20 out of 23 of participants in the first group had significantly increased concentrations of Luteinizing (LH) by 33.3% in their blood with respect to basal values. Therefore, The D-Aspartic acid is responsible for the regulation of the synthesis and release of Luteinizing and testosterone in humans and rats according to the same study.

LH stimulates the Leydig cells to produce testosterone, leading to an increase in testosterone levels in bloodstream.

fenugreek extract

fenugreek extract

A Study conducted on 50 volunteer men (age: 35 to 65 years) for over 12 weeks, results were: 90% of participants had up to 46% of improved free testosterone levels, Sperm counts improved in 85.4% of the study population, Sperm morphology improved in 14.6% of volunteers, and mental alterness and mood were observed. Furthermore, libido and cardiovascular health were significantly improved.

red ginseng extract

red ginseng extract

Refered to as the king of all the herbs, The red ginseng is a promising herb for wellness and is reputed to treat male erectile dysfunction (ED). Furthermore, data From animal studies have shown significant correlation among red ginseng, copulatory performances, libido, and improved sperm quality and count. These effects have been confirmed in case-studies in humans. Testosterone is strongly correlated with libido, in a study rats feed with 5% of panax ginseng had a significant raise in testosterone levels in their blood.

What has been said and more on red ginseng in this article.

vitamin B6

vitamin B6

there are many good sources of pyridoxine including: legumes, green and leafy vegetables, cereal grains, shellfish, fish, poultry and meat, nuts, fruit and liver. Needed for over 100 organism vital functions, Vitamin B6 is necessary for metabolism of carbohydrate and proteins, the formation of red blood cells, the processes of brain and certain number of its chemicals, developpement of brain, steroid hormone activity, and immune function.

More on this article.



In a study held on 10 male volunteer wrestlers, who are supplemented with oral zinc sulfate for four (4) weeks. Results of this study revealed that exhaustion exercices lead to a significant inhibition of both testosterone concentrations and thyroid hormones. However, the supplementation with Zinc sulfate for four weeks prevented this inhibition. In conclusion: physiological doses of zinc administration is your ally for good performances.



Bioperine contains 95% of piperine. Piperine, extracted from the black pepper (Nigrum piper), discovered and scientifically validated as the world's first bioavailability enhancer (nutrients absorptions enhancer) since 1979. Moreover in different search, piperine had increased bioavailability of different drugs ranging from 30% to 200% (article).

Testogen review

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