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sad man due to his erectile dysfunction

Having an erectile dysfunction is not a destiny!

Having a so called small size is an aberration, your penis size is just fine...

The science has the answer to this enduring question, burning constantly in your mind...

According to this article of the guardian and based on a scientific study of more than 15,000 men, 5.16 inches (13.12 centimetres) are the normal range of a penis size...


With Male Extra™ you can get big results...

Using Male Extra™ for over 3-6 months period, helped men like you to enlarge their penises erect size of between 0.8 to 2.6 inches.


Get harder, long-lasting, bigger erections and high performance ever...

Get your partner to the satisfaction point, with super stamina and whole night staying and burning desire...

Retrieve your confidence back, and avoid any embrassing and awkward situations with him/her..

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Male Extra™, Facts about.

Male Extra™ bottles

Known in the market for over 9 years, Male Extra™ is a men enhancement product that have been helping men like you to spice up a boring sexual relationship and bring it back to the boil.

With over 12 000 000 capsules sold-out to over 150 000 happy customers, Male Extra™ is one amongst the the leading, most trustworthy male enhancement pills on the market.

blend of natural proven ingredients for bigger, harder, sustainable erections.

Male Extra™ Natural ingredients

Being one of the leading and most potent enhancement formula on the market, Male Extra is a fusion of proven natural ingredients backed clinically. Thanks to its high composition of pomegranate ellagic acid 40% and L-arginine HCL which enhance the production of Nitric Oxide in the blood. This latter enlarges the vessels to allow more blood flow to the penis. The result is a harder, bigger, more longer erections, which means more boiling and satisfying sex sessions.

L-arginine HCL 600 mg

L-Arginine HCL 600mg

Smooth muscles relaxation process requires Nitric Oxide NO. This substance is synthesized from l-arginine. Some studies had interesting clinical results that examined the effectiveness of oral L-arginine medication in the treatment of sexual impotence.

This Study on men with low urinary NO(Nitric Oxide) for 6 weeks, showed, after the intake of l-arginine in high-dose (5g/day), that 9 of 29 men (31%) had their NO amount doubled and therefore their sexual function improved.

Pomegranate Ellagic Acid 40% 500mg

Pomegranate Ellagic 40% 500mg

Drinking pomegranate juice on daily basis for 3 months had improved by 17% the myocardial perfusion (the blood flow to the heart muscle) for 45 patients on which this Studyhas been made.

in Another Study men with moderate and mild erectile dysfunction have demonstrated good improvement of their erections after eight weeks of consuming pomegranate beverage. Tht's not all, pomegranate extract is ergogenic (enhancing physical performance) and is a vessel diameter and blood flow enhancer and may delay fatigue, According to this Study achieved on nineteen women and men.

Forthermore, Pomegranate juice showed its capacity to protect the NO (Nitric acid) agint any destruction cause by oxidative agents, It also enhances its bilogical actions. Refter to this Study for more.

Integrating this magical substance in Male Extra™ , it's not by chance. Male Extra™ is the first product in the market to make use of this ingredient in its formula. With 500mg of pure pomegranate 40% ellagic acid per daily serving, it's your opportunity to get harder, bigger and good performance on bedroom that you are proud of.

L-arginine HCL 600 mg

Methyl Sulfonyl Methane-MSM 100mg

MSM is a stable, rich and natural source of organic sulphur. Being present in each cell, MSM is crucial for renewing cells and tissues- Including those in your penis. Male Extra™ is enriched with MSM to support the growth of new healthy flexible cells of your penis that hold more blood for the biggest and firmest erections ever.

l-methionine.png 100mg

L-Methionine 100mg

Premature ejaculation can ruin the sexual intercourse, which can be frustrating and embrassing for both sexual partners. Higher levels of histamine hormone in the blood are the root cause of a quick ejaculation. L-Methionine is used in Male Extra™, to prevent the conversion of histidine into histamine, thus lowering the amount of this latter in the blood, this way helping you to sustain your erection for a while in your sexual act and delay your ejaculation.

Zin as citrate 14mg

zinc citrate 14mg

hypogonadism(function deficit of testicles) in men is related to zin deficiency which is prevalent in the world, including the United States. A Study held in Wayne State University showed that dereased intake of zinc for 20 weeks, reduced testosterone serum by 74%, an increase of the zinc dose supplementation in another group of men leaded to an increase of 50% of testosterone serum. Low testosterone levels can have a devastating effects on your sex drive and your erections.

We make usage of zinc citrate in our Male Extra™ formula, thanks to its ability to be better absorbed than other zinc sources.

cordyceps 25mg

Cordyceps 25mg

The Cordyceps is a fungus known as herbal medicine in the traditional chinese medicine for its virtues on health now is centries old. It's used also to treat people with sexual impotence and other types of sexual dysfunction. This Study appeared in the journal of alternative and complementary Medicine, showed that the efficacy rate of Cordyceps treatement is 82.9% compared with 40.2% for the placebo control group. The same study, has demonstrated that the quality of life has been improved after a cordyceps treatement including, mental health, general physical conditions, increase in sex drive, libido and sexual related symptoms. Increase in energy levels is also observed due to the efficiency of great oxygen utilization, thus leading to alleviate fatigue.

This fungus is also used to repear cellular oxidative damage related to the aging, senscence, and diseases because of its antisenscence effects which activate the enzyme called SuperOxide Dismutase-SOD which is scavenging the oxygen-free radicals. According to the same to study.

Zin as citrate 14mg

Niacin 18mg (vitamin B3)

A Study held on one hundred sixty men patients with erectile dysfunction ED and dyslipidemia (closely related to ED) for twelve weeks, each male was receiving either 1,500mg oral niacin or a placebo. As Resultmales with severe and moderate erecticle dysfunction and dyslipidemia that received Niacin showed high improvement in their sexual functions compared to those that received a placebo.

With Male Extra™ you can get bigest results.

penis erection growth graph

This graph shows that our happy customers had observed an increase in their erections between 0.8 to 2.6 inches over a 3 – 6 month period by a daily usage of 3 pills of Male Extra™.

With this blend of natural ingredients, boost your stamina and get back the confidence in your performances.

How Does Male Extra™ work?

Following are some facts about erections and how Male Extra™ works:

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